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Here's the actual comic!

2013-02-11 16:45:09 by gamerelated

Found out the image didn't finish uploading on the last post, so here for your consideration part 2 of The Equestrian Games!

Here's the actual comic!


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2013-02-11 18:14:14

The art looks great but personally I think it has too much "advertising", I'd say either tone it doen or make it smaller. Either way it'll look good.

gamerelated responds:

Well, it's a bit more than just a comic strip, it's an advertisement for an upcoming show and the venue combined, but I totally understand what you're saying, there's a lot of establishing going on with the last two strips. Now, we're looking at the end of the propaganda part of the campaign and moving into story-telling from the next strip on in order to feed the stage show we've got lined up. At the moment not a lot of people are aware of what we're doing and our catalog at current isn't showing the in-depth story/stories we're weaving before we drop the next two EP's, so we may have went over board in compensating.

Thanks for giving it a look though, and we certainly hope you enjoy the next installment which should be relatively add free (save for a small plug for the show and con in the end panel). If you have any other suggestions or comments feel free to leave them here or in our inbox, we love to hear it and it helps us deliver more quality work.