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2013-02-13 21:10:39 by gamerelated

Our own Damion Waldbrunn put together a wondeful contest for all of you keeping up with us! Come on over to the GameRelated! Facebook page and earn your chance to win free swag!

Get in on the action at the following link>

Here's the original brief from MC D3X

"I'm gonna thrown this out there.

I want you, the guy behind you, that chick over there....I want EVERYONE to nod their damn heads to the GameRelated beat.

So, Here it is: Every time we hit a "ten piece" (i.e; 160, 170, 180..etc) Not only will that person get big-ups here on the page but they will also get a photo of the band and a FREE piece of album artwork!

At 200, 300, etc...You'll get a GameRelated prize pack: Artwork, A signed photo of GR! and a official band t-shirt with original art by yours truly!

At 500? You'll get all that, PLUS a free copy of the upcoming release CD (when it's done, obviously).

One fan will be selected at random each week to win either a piece of art, or a signed pic!

So, get to it!




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