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The Mysterious D3X

2013-02-14 16:02:51 by gamerelated

When we brought Damion Waldbrunn to the table, he had already demonstrated a knack for all things art. He was great with traditional media as well as digital, so naturally when he joined up we were expecting great things to follow. He's the designing/driving force behind the GameRelated! logos, album covers (with the exception of the first which was penned by John "Hex" Carter), and just about anything else you've feasted your eyeballs on. Now, he comes to us at the turn of the tide and adds thunder to our lightning; Set to strike Animation and Gaming Ohio 2013 this April! We've been planning this event for a while, including a fresh custom set specifically geared towards A&G with an interactive story line that will play out through the entire duration of the con. More details to come on the GameRelated! Altered Reality Game closer to launch, but right now you can start getting pieces to the puzzle by playing CutFu! Check out this plug from D3X on -

Here's the official breif and the starter image featuring Brandon Jackson and Jason Carter starter pieces!:

"The boys will be dropping the new hotness at A&G Ohio and want to give you exclusive stuff!!

CutFu, the downloadable/collectable/customizable paperart RPG and GameRelated have teamed up to make a new gameset based on their exploits! They're playing this one close to the vest but soon it shall be released upon the unwitting world!

Until then, we will be releasing a "starter pack" if you A&G Ohio themed mission!

Here are the first two figures, GameRelated themselves!!
And remember...Cut....Play....Display. Have you mastered CutFu?

-DJ D3X"

The Mysterious D3X


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